Categories:The Latest Intelligent faucet
                                Name:An Intelligent Faucet

                                BRIEF FUNCTION:
                                Manual mode
                                Automatic mode
                                The outlet pipe can rotate 360 degrees
                                Automatic mode can be closed temporarily by touch
                                The water flow can be adjusted
                                The water temperature can be adjusted
                                The remote control can adjust multiple functions

                                Dia. of Water Inlet Pipe: G1/2"(Dn15)
                                Operating Pressure:  0.05~0.7Mpa
                                Voltage:  DC4.5V~DC6V
                                Power:  <0.5mW
                                Inductive Zone:  5~35cm (Adjustable)
                                Response Time:  <0.5s
                                Shut Off Delay Time:  <1s
                                Time to temporarily turn off automatic mode: 10min
                                Flow Rate of Manual Mode:  12L/Min (at 3 bar)
                                Flow Rate of Automatic Mode:  16L/Min (at 3 bar)
                                Operating Temperature:  2~70

                                One Faucet body
                                A set of Fixed parts
                                One Battery box
                                One Battery holder
                                One Remote control
                                Two Hoses
                                Two Filter check valve
                                One Hex Wrench
                                One Screw components